Multi-Currency, Multi-Payment

Do you want to offer your customers the possibility to pay in their own currency but don't have the desire to manage different bank accounts in various currencies? Our multi-currency processing solves your problems and lets you accept all the major card schemes, and numerous country specific payment types, in one simple package.

Multi-Currency Solutions

Unified Payments enables its merchants to perform authorizations and settle transaction in the most popular currencies from around the world.

Multi-Currency Solutions from Unified Payments allow merchants to transact business in customer's home currency using only one processor.

Unified Payments Advantages:

Conducting business in multiple countries and currencies has resulted in the need for more complex payment processing solutions. Whether trying to convert the currency at the POS or consolidating multiple processors handling different currencies in different countries, Multi-Currency Solution helps streamline your business operations:

Key Components:

Multi-Currency Solution

  • Up to 36 of the world's most accepted currencies supported
  • Treasury system that allows merchants to process transactions in different currencies
  • Regularly updated currency rates, reducing risk associated with unfavorable exchange rates
  • Features that set merchants apart from its competitors
  • A front end to authorize and capture payments and account information via integrated systems
  • Attractive value-added services for customers to better meet their needs and expectations

Dynamic Currency Conversion:

  • Allows foreign customers to pay for their goods or services in their local currency
  • Offsets existing association fees directly associated with accepting international credit cards and reduces your total cost of acceptance
  • Daily electronic updates of competitive foreign currency exchange rates
  • Extensive management information system reporting