One Solution Does Not Fit All

Our unique approach to specialized transaction processing provides various industries with flexible programs that stimulate growth and retention, ultimately crating long-lasting relationships. Make the Best Choice for Payment Processing, chose Unified Payments.

Advanced Risk Management & Fraud Protection

Online sales open up a whole new world of possibilities and an unimaginably wide audience for merchants. Addressing customers worldwide and receiving payments in their preferable currency and payment method, greatly increases sales for merchants in all verticals. Nonetheless, online selling does have its risks.

Unified Payemnts continuously improves and updates its risk management processes and tools, ensuring that online sales transactions are always processed with optimal security.

Unified Payments Anti-Fraud Tools & Technology

Risk Management & Anti-Fraud tools and filters include, among others:

  • Enhanced AVS Handling: Decline or hold for manual review of transactions returning Address Verification Service (AVS) mismatch codes.
  • Enhanced CVV Handling: Decline or hold for manual review transactions returning Card Validation Value (CVV) mismatch response codes.
  • Shipping Address Verification: Verification of shipping address validity.
  • IP-Shipping Address Mismatch: Comparison of shipping address with purchaser IP address.
  • Regional IP Address: Flagging of orders from specific regions or countries. Filter actions can be customized to an entire geographic area or a country.
  • 3D Secure: Validation of card holder by the issuing bank.

Transactions Filters include, among others:

  • Amounts: Lower and upper transaction amount thresholds to restrict high-risk transactions.
  • Velocity Checks: Limitations on the total number of transactions received per hour, preventing high-volume attacks common with fraudulent transactions.
  • Suspicious Transactions: Detection of highly suspicious transactions via proprietary identification criteria and in-depth transaction behavior analysis.
  • Shipping-Billing Mismatch: Identification of high-risk transactions with different shipping and billing addresses, potentially indicating purchases made using a stolen credit card.
  • Transaction IP Velocity: Identification of excessive transactions received from the same IP address per hour, isolating suspicious activity from a single source.

Unified Payments' Risk Management & Fraud Protection technology empowers Unified Payments merchants to sell safely and securely online for maximum profits.