One Solution Does Not Fit All

Our unique approach to specialized transaction processing provides various industries with flexible programs that stimulate growth and retention, ultimately crating long-lasting relationships. Make the Best Choice for Payment Processing, chose Unified Payments.

Online Reporting Solutions

Simple, accurate, accessible reporting tools to manage your processing business.

When it comes to processing payments, your business needs to monitor the status of all payments and have total and immediate visibility of each transaction.

With our online reporting solution, you have 24/7 access to analyze transaction details for all card types, conduct sales audits, manage processing fees, reconcile your checking account, investigate chargebacks, protect against losses, view historical information for analysis and manage cash flow.

Unified Payments offers a complete online, on-demand reporting system with multiple reports to allow you to monitor settlements, authorizations and chargebacks. Standard and customised reports are provided in a variety of formats to enable you to distribute and reconcile your payment information according to your internal processes.

Key Features:

  • Standardized, Web-based reports that give you access any time to payment processing information
  • Dashboard view for a snapshot of essential processing information, including the most recently posted and funded transactions and fees
  • Query builder to construct reports based on selected fields across selected merchant locations
  • Credit, debit and gift card activity summaries for selected time periods
  • Dispute reporting to help you manage chargeback and retrieval expenses

Our reporting suite also allows you to configure reporting hierarchies and funds settlement instructions bespoke to how you accept transactions - whether at a functional, company, divisional or departmental level. Our implementation team will work closely with you to ensure that you achieve the perfect fit for your organisation.