Serious about your business?

Unified Payments offers affiliate relationships with companies nationwide, allowing you the opportunity to offer your customers a wide variety of industry-leading payment solutions. Partnering with us adds value for your customers, strengthens your relationships with them and expands your business.

Referral Partners

As a Unified Payments Referral Partner, your company can tap into payment solutions that expand your product offering, improve customer loyalty and grow your business.

Referral Partners

As a Unified Payments Referral Partner, you'll have the ability to grow your business and your bottom line. Our innovative product solutions can give you a new source of revenue, new touch points for building stronger customer relationships and a distinct competitive advantage.

We will pay residual fees on all credit card, debit card, check, pre-paid gift card and pay card transactions for every merchant you refer. When your merchants use Unified Payments, your revenue grows.

As one of the leaders in payment processing, we tailor solutions to meet the needs of virtually any business. The strength of our processing infrastructure, backed by our dedicated team of industry experts, enables our partnership to deliver unsurpassed value. And new products mean new touch points to help you build stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships.

In addition, a Relationship Manager will work with you to create joint marketing campaigns based on key analytics specific to your industry. You'll receive the latest industry and product updates, so you'll be the first to offer what your customers really want. And cross training will help you sell the full range of payment solutions more effectively.

Program Benefits For You

  • Revenue sharing
  • Dedicated Referral Partner Program management
  • Key analytics/reporting
  • Joint marketing campaigns
  • Industry and product updates
  • Cross-training

Program Benefits For Your Customers

  • Acceptance of all major credit cards, including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®
  • Other value-added solutions such as check acceptance, gift card, payment terminals, loyalty, prepaid and stored-value card programs
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support help desk
  • Comprehensive fraud monitoring and chargeback protection services

Contact your Relationship Manager for more information.